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  • How much for the deposit we need to pay?
    Depends on the unit you bookedfor. Examples: RM200 or SGD67 for studio/1 Bedroom RM300 or SGD100 for 2 bedrooms RM400 or SGD133 for 3 bedrooms RM500 or SGD167 for 4 bedrooms
  • Can we cook in your unit? Any food is not allowed?
    Yes, but only light cooking is allowed. Strictly no durian, mangosteen or heavy fragrance or staining fruits and food in unit. If we are billed by housekeeping for additional deodorant or removal of stain services, this bill will be passed on to you directly.
  • Where is the swimming pool or other facilities?
    Refers to your check in procedures file.
  • I want book Homestay
    Click the button below Then, Choose you Date, Add to cart Checked out Make payment
  • Can I check in at midnight?
    Yes, you may. It is a self-check in homestay. The most important is you need to register at the link we sent and make the transaction of deposit first. After we release the room details, then you may check in anytime. Chat us on our website :
  • Where is your unit located?
    Please refer to the check in procedure file.
  • Which box should I take, when there is two boxes in the mailbox? ( only paragon suits )
    BLACK BOX is for STUDIO ROOM. RED BOX is for 2 BED ROOM. Kindly remind that some mailbox will contain 2 boxes. Please read the check in procedure carefully and take the box which is correct on your booking. Accidentally wrong taken the box will cause you to pay extra for Charges.
  • Is the swimming pool open, any requirements?
    Yes, the pool is open, actual time have to check with guard. We advise you to bring swimming outfit/sports suits. Proper swimming attire is required by management.
  • How to check in?
    The Check in process (Click the button Below) 1) Send us the detail in Whatsap a) Booking ID b) Booking from Agoda/ c) Your Full Name d) Your Check-in Date e) Your Check-out Date ​ We will reply you as ASAP 2) Pay for Deposit [except airbnb customer] Customer Services will give you detail 3) Released Password We will send you password when unit is ready
  • Are we allowed to have party in your units?
    No, you are not allowed to have any party in our units. Please respect our neighbours. There will be penalty of RM500 once you are partying in unit.
  • When the deposit will be refund?
    A: The deposit will be refunded after 24hours checkout on your checkout date. Example: If your checkout date is 7th August, then deposit will be refund on 8th August, before 6pm.
  • How to contact with customer services?
    You can Whatsap (Text Only) our Customer Services
  • I have more than 1 car, can I park?
    Yes, you may apply visitor parking with guard but subject to condo Management. Some condo require guest to pay for additional carpark lot for overnight parking.
  • Why I called many times, but no person answer call?
    Sorry, our Whatsapp is in a PC system so we are unable to answer any Whatsapp call. Feel free to chat us on website if you meet any problem. If you want to make a call, please call through TELCO and let me know which unit you are to get an efficient help from us.
  • What is our earliest check in time?
    Our earliest check in time for low season is 3pm; and 5pm for high volume days such as weekends or Public Holidays. Our latest check out times is 12pm. Pardon us if we cannot allow extension during high volume days. Early check in is subject to availability.
  • Can I extend directly with you?
    Yes, you may. Our check out timing is 12pm. If you want to do extension, please inform earlier so we can arrange. However, late check out or extension will have a nominal fees to be paid and is SUBJECT to availability of the unit
  • Do you have any places for us to put the luggage ?
    Sorry, we are homestay so we don’t have reception to let you put the luggage. You may ask the guard for any place but make sure the safety. Any lost or damaged will not involve with us.
  • How to Check out?
    You can check inside Whatsap Group Chat Or Please Drop your key into mail box (where you collect the key) Inform our Customer Services in the group chat with photo when u drop the key into mail box
  • How can I make the transaction of deposit?
    You may pay by online transfer at 1. PUBLIC BANK 3818417404 STAR CITY HOME SOLUTIONS 2. STRIPE.COM (For foreigner without Malaysia and SG account. 3. PAYNOW to UEN 53454957L (ANTLERZONE)
  • Can I request for early check in?
    Yes, you may. Early check in depends on last guest checkout time and cleaner cleaning time. We will let you in once the room is ready. If we haven’t release room details means the room is not ready yet.
  • Is it pet allowed?
    No, pet is not allowed in our units. Fine for this action is RM500.
  • How can I get the information or room details?
    ①Please contact us on website : ②Please make the payment of deposit which is refundable. ③ We will send the details to guard and release your room details
  • Do you provide 24 hours customer service?
    No, our customer service is from 10.00am to 11.30pm. We will try to reply you as soon as possible.
  • Can I request for late check out?
    This request has to depend on the next day room availability. If the room has incoming guest on the next day means cannot for late check out. If the room is available, you may request for late check out with a fee charge of 35% on the day room rate per hour. If you are going to extend more than 2 hours. Kindly advise you to extend 1 more day then you may check out anytime.
  • I had stated “early check in” or “any request” for the unit at platform when I made booking, why can’t I get approve?
    Every request that guest submit at the platform we will try to fulfil and agree it, but it depends on the availability of room. If the room is ready, we will try to approve your request. IT IS A REQUEST BUT WAS NOT AN APPROVAL.
  • Can I cancel the reservation of the unit?
    Yes, you may. It was NOT REFUNDABLE for last minute cancellation. NO ANY EXCUSES for last minute cancellation or your request for cancellation without fees will be REJECTED.
  • How do I trust you?
    You can study or read the reviews at the platform (facebook/booking platform/google) to make sure we are not scammer.
  • Why I need to lock the mailbox when check out?
    It is guest responsibility to help lock the mailbox after putting back the keys and cards during check out. If the mailbox is not locked, and the cards, tokens and keys get missing before we check, it still falls on the responsibility of the guests. The extra cautious step of guest by ensuring all is locked, will save a lot of disputes and hassles.
  • I am riding motorbike, can I park?
    Yes, you may request with guard please
  • Can I make any birthday decoration or surprise in the unit?
    Yes, it is available, BUT need to CLEAN UP the unit. Else, we charge for the cleaning fee as PARTY PENALTY RM500. Please be considerate the situation. The extra charges from Cleaner will bill on you.
  • Can I smoke in the unit?
    Our property is a smoke-free compound. Strictly no smoking inside our unit. There will be a RM500 penalty if you smoke in the unit.
  • When the deposit will be refund?
    A: The deposit will be refunded after 24hours checkout on your checkout date. Example: If your checkout date is 7th August, then deposit will be refund on 8th August, before 6pm.
  • Do you have Netflix?
    No, we don’t provide Netflix. Some of our units have IPTV, we are working towards all units. You can check with our CS in website.
  • FAQs
    You can click the button below for FAQs
  • Why do we need to pay for safety deposit?
    The safety deposit is to ensure that all guestscheckout on time, leave the unit in agood condition,and to prevent any items being stolen/damaged/vandalized.We are same with hotel that need to pay for deposit, but we are in contactless transaction.
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