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W. W. Water Works Laksa House 水塘辣沙

Laksa, the light yellow gravy look so tempting and the thick curry was flavorful and full with coconut milk aroma.  Beside that, the dry beancurd was definitely the key for this laksa. A full spoon of noodles with a hot dip gravy was a great perfect match like no other. Delicious.

Besides its signature laksa, Water Works Laksa House also offers this voluptuous fish otak otak. Just look at the thickness of this otak! Doesn’t it looked like it is inviting us to slip this delectable morsel into our watering mouths?

Restaurant name: W. W. Water Works Laksa House 水塘辣沙

Address: 36-A, Jalan Kolam Air, Johor Bahru Hours: Daily 08:30am to 3:00pm Parking: Ample parking in front of shop

Non Halal

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