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Tampoi Laksa 淡杯叻沙

The fresh cockles are not offered on Monday (because fresh market is closed on Monday) to ensure the freshness of the cockles. The cockles was simply boiled with hot boiling water, live cockles are sufficiently cooks as soon as the shells open, to maintain the tenderness of the cockles meat.I would say the owner has caught the timing and render the cockles super juicy and tender, definitely not overcooked! Dip in the cockles meat into the special made crushed peanut chilies sauce, a finishing touch by adding in a squeeze of lime juice make the taste even superb. A very simple dish, yet truly satisfied my taste bud.

Address : Tampoi Laksa 淡杯叻沙

17, Jalan Dato Muthutambi, 

81200 Tampoi, Johor

Bussiness Hour : 5pm - 11.30pm 

(Closed on Wednesday)

Click here for direction: Google Map:



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