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Gerai Ayong Ikan Bakar 海边阿荣饮食档

Uniquely JB style of ice kacang with sweet bitter chocolate sauce. If you are visiting JB, don't leave without trying JB ice kacang. Ah Yong founded Gerai Ayong 40 years ago with his sister - it was one of the many push carts stalls operating at Lido beach. Several of the well loved Lido beach stalls moved to Tepian Tebrau, which explains the popularity of the food centre.

Gerai Ayong's grilled stingray is a star. The stingray was fresh. Expertly grilled, its flesh was soft and wet with briny sweet natural juices. The sambal chili sauce was robustly savoury spicy yet it did not overpower the fish's natural flavours. The sourish spicy sweet onion chili pickle added zesty zing and juicy crunch to the savoury spicy dish.

Squares of tofu grilled to a golden brown crisp outside were smothered in a thick sticky savoury sweet spicy nutty sauce. Char Kuih Bakar. It's short pieces of yew char kway grilled and slathered with a heavy savoury sweet spicy nutty sauce (same sauce as tauhu bakar).

Restaurant name: Gerai Ayong Ikan Bakar 海边阿荣饮食档

Address: Gerai #30, Jalan Mohd. Amin, Sri Gelam, Johor Bahru 

Tel: 013-775 4488

Hours: 4:00pm to 10:00pm (Weds off)


New branch:

2 Block C Pusat Perniagaan, Taman Daya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Click here for direction: Google Map:

New branch


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